Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loads of Fun


We have had a lot of fun this month. My cousin Michele got married, CJ's cousin Riley got married, we had a Tea party, Father's Day, swimming at Payson Pool and last but not least we went to the zoo! So I will try to make this some what interesting and not too long...

We will start with the Tea party. Every Friday we do "Fun Friday" with my friend Camie and her kids. Camie, being the crafty and awesome person she is, came up with the idea's. So we made wallets, purses, beads (out of paper!) and then necklaces. Once the girls had all of their accessories we had a Tea Party. They had a cute Barbie Tea set that we served soda pop as the tea and Camie found the cutest little cookies. The girls had a blast!!

Michele's wedding came next. For those of you that don't know Michele, she is just 3 months older than me and she also has no sisters. We grew up as Best Friends even though we didn't live close together. I am so excited for her and her new husband John. They are perfect for each other. I felt really bad for them, as they came out of the temple it started to pour!! It was raining and Thundering really bad. But life went on and they looked so beautiful!

Next came Father's Day. CJ bought his own present this year (his motorcycle.) But I had a picture of the girls printed for him to take to work and the girls bought him a new card game. We made him breakfast in bed and took his presents in. After he had opened his presents he said "time to eat." And Makadee figured that meant her too, so she picked up one of his muffins and dug in! We all laughed and he decided we could all share and then go to the kitchen to get more and finish. I think all in all he had a good day.

Yesterday was CJ's cousin Riley's wedding. They held it up at the Utah State Hospital Amphitheatre. It was very pretty and very hot! Makadee ended up getting very sick after the luncheon. So CJ and the girls went home and I helped run the chocolate fountain at the reception. It was a very long and exhausting day, but we are very happy for Riley and Treesa! We wish them the best of luck :)

And today we went to the zoo!! We went with Royell (CJ's Aunt,) her 4 kids, and Holly (his cousin,) her 2 boys and us. We had a lot of fun. I hadn't been since Kirstee was 3, so this was a new experience for Makadee. I think the kids favorite part was riding the train. Makadee has already asked when we get to go back. :)

We hope everyone else's summer is going good!!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Makadee's haircut!

Makadee has never really had a haircut, she has had a trim here and there, but never a real haircut. So today I decided I was tired of dealing with the tangles. So...we cut it! I was sad to see the long hair go, but it will grow back :) She was very excited and is loving showing it off.




after :)
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Picture time


While at the park today I decided to try and take the girls pictures. Makadee was much more willing to let me do it than Kirstee.
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Our summer so far...


So far our summer is going great! We have kept ourselves very busy. We have been bowling, had picnics in the park, kept up with the library reading program, dressed up in mommy's shoes and Daddy got a new toy. We hope you are having a wonderful summer as well!
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