Friday, March 27, 2009



Today my Kindergarten class had the chance to go the the Living Aquarium in Sandy. We could have up to 60 kids, and there were only 5o kids going, so I asked if I could bring Kirstee with me. We had so much fun!! I asked CJ if we could go as a family this summer. We saw so many neat things. I loved watching the Octopus. I wish I had gotten a good picture of it. Kirstee would not touch anything. I tried to get her to just stick her fingers in the water and she wouldn't even do that. Overall it was a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures! (click on the pictures to see them bigger.)
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Kirstee's First Grade Program

Last night, (yes I am actually blogging something right after it happened) Kirstee had her first grade program. The theme of the program was "Leaders of Tomorrow." They sang songs about being succesful and making good choices. I was so proud of Kirstee, as far as I could tell she knew all the words to the songs she needed to sing. She asked me, while she was getting ready, if I knew what stage fright was. Lol. Apparently her teacher had talked to them a little about it. We discussed it a little more, and she did great! She was sad that she didn't have a speaking part, but I reminded her that we would be there all night if I everyone had a turn at talking! When we got home she asked when she was going to get to do another program. Apparently she had a lot of fun!


Kirstee and some of her classmates during the program.


With cousin October after the program. She loves having October at the same school as her.


With Ms. Ledingham, her teacher, after the program.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Olivia's Wedding


Yesterday CJ's cousin Olivia got married. I did not get any pictures of the actual Bride and Groom, but I did have fun taking some random pictures at the reception. And I have had fun today messing around with those pictures. I thought I would share a few of my favorites. :)
(By the on the picture to make them bigger. I can't figure out how to get Kirstee's head in the picture on the sepia one.)
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Poor Makadee


At the beggining of the month Makadee got really sick. She had everything from a cold and runny nose to a touch of the flu and an earache. I am so glad she is finally better. But I had to share these pictures. Even while she was sick, I couldn't get her to take a nap. One day she was playing at CJ's computer chair with her doll while I was doing a couple things on my computer. She was talking to her doll and having a good time when all of a sudden it went quiet...and she was out! Standing there bent over the chair, dead asleep. It was too cute to not capture on camera. And then of course I took her up to bed. :)


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Kirstee loved playing in the snow this year! It is the first year we have really let her play in it. Since she is in school we felt like we should buy her some snow clothes for recess. Therefore I felt like I could actually let her play in the snow because she had warm clothing. In the above picture, you can't see it very well, but Kirstee is standing by a snowman that she built all by herself! I was pretty proud of her for figuring this out. And she was very proud of it too. She was very sad when it fell over and melted.


Makadee has become...or rather always has been our little princess. I took her summer clothes shopping one day and we found the cutest little summer dress. I then proceded to show her a really cute outfit (pictured above,) I told her I thought it was cute and we should get it. Her response was, "ewww it has pants, I only want dresses." I was laughing so hard! As you can see I won and we got the outfit anyway. But I now know that this child wants to only wear dresses this summer. :)


And last but not least for the month of February...Mr. Q and Miss U got married! CJ and I had the privelage...I guess it was a play the parts of Q and U in Kindergarten. The children were learning about the letter Q and how if there is a Q there is also a U. The teachers were wanting to do a little ceremony showing Q and U getting married. I opened my big mouth bragging about how my wedding dress still fits and therefore got talked into being Miss U. And poor CJ was talked into being Mr. Q. The Principal played the preacher, we exchanged QU rings and the kids gave us gifts that started with QU like quilt, quarters, and queen. It was really fun for the kids, so i guess it was worth it. :)
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Wow! Where has the time gone. I was just putting all my pictures from my camera to the computer and realized that I haven't blogged in a while. So here we go on another blogging marathon. :)


In January the girls got their first try at sledding. It was nothing big, just a small snow hill at the end of our road. But they thought it was lots of fun and keep begging me to take them to a big hill to try some more. Too bad the snow is gone now. My goal is to be a better Mom next winter and take them.


In the pictures are Makadee, Kirstee and neighbor Sydnee.

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