Friday, January 8, 2010

Makadee before her recital


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December pictures

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December...where did it go?

I am going to try and catch our blog back up. We had a very busy December a lot of good things happened :) I will give a little update and then post some pictures later.

We started the month off by paying tribute to CJ's Uncle. He passed away after complications with a brain tumor. Uncle Lou will be missed.

Then CJ's little brother Cameron came home. We had a lot of fun welcoming him with the Firefighters, police and EMT's. I don't think he enjoyed it much but we had a blast! This is Cameron's first time being home since he finished his deployment in Kawait. We are very happy he is back in the USA! (I will post the pictures I got, sorry they are blurry.)

Kirstee had her 2nd grade program. They sang Christmas songs and recited Christmas poems. It was very long! But Kirstee did awesome!! I am proud of her and all that she has accomplished.

Then Makadee had her birthday. She celebrated the day before with her friends. She had a few of her friends come and we had a blast. We decorated cookies (which they all just ate the frosting,) played pin the crown on the princess and danced. All in all I think she had a great time.

Makadee's birthday was celebrated the day before because Uncle Cameron got married on her birthday. So we spent the day doing wedding stuff. We are so happy to have Aunt Heather join our family. The girls have yet to say a word to her, but now that they are gone they keep begging for them to come visit :)

Then there was Christmas...We had a wonderful Christmas!! This is the first year my parents haven't been here. So it was a little different. We spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas with CJ's family. I will admit it was nice to not have to visit both parents. This may become the way we do it every year. Just one house on Christmas. This is also the first year that the girls have woke us up instead of me waking them up. I was glad they were so excited but isn't 4:30 a little early to be up?!? We made them stay in bed until 6:00. Then the fun began. I think the girls were pleased with all they got. I know I was :)

New Years Eve was spent watching my friends kids. And then playing games until the New Year was here. The kids thought it was awesome to be at their friends house so late, Kirstee was the only one that didn't fall asleep before midnight. The girls loved watching the fireworks on the way home.

Tonight was Makadee's first dance recital. It was HILARIOUS!!! We absolutely loved watching it. We discovered that Makadee is quite the hip shaker and she also makes the best fishy face ever! We are so proud of her! I will try to post a video.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. A big cheer for a Happy New Year!