Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family pictures 09


It's that time of year again. We had our annual family pictures taken. We had a lot of fun with these! CJ said he even enjoyed them. I tried to post at least one of every pose, but I think I may have missed 1 or 2.

Here is a link to our photographers blog. She is awesome!
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Black Friday

I refuse to participate in Black friday! I hate the crowds and I just don't think it's worth it. So instead, on Black Friday we decorate for Christmas. I was talked into going to a craft fair that morning with my Mom. I actually really enjoyed it, but was glad we got there when we did. It wasn't too bad when we got there but by the time we left it was packed! While I was gone with her, CJ and the girls put up the tree. Then when I got home we decorated! I always love this time. I crank up the Christmas music, I send the kids friends home and we have a good time laughing and enjoying each other. As we were decorating I heard Kirstee tell Makadee "We celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' Birthday." It made me proud that my daughter new the real reason for Christmas!




That night we attended the light parade in Spanish Fork. I think this will be a new tradition. It was a lot of fun to get bundled up and go enjoy the parade. We sat by some friends who had brought hot chocolate. The girls seemed to really enjoy it. Pictured above is Sydnee, Kristee and Makadee drinking their hot chocolate before the parade.
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The sweetest turkeys ever...

On the Wedensday before Thanksgiving our friends (the Simpsons) came over to spend the day with us. We had lunch, the kids made edible turkeys and then watched A Charlie Browns Thanksgiving. All in all it was a very fun day. Thanks Camie for the Eddible turkeys!


Makadee, Roxie and Kirstee working on their turkeys.



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The kids were so excited for the snow!! CJ and I had been in Park city for a couple days when this snow storm hit. We picked them up Saturday night and they were begging to play in the snow. So we promised that they could play in it in the morning. And that they did. We had a hard time getting them to come in. There hasn't been much snow since. And even though it snowed last night, it wasn't enough for them to play in. It has now all melted again. They are hoping we will get lots of snow soon! (But I am not! I dislike the snow very much!)




(November 15th)
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Playin' in the leaves

Cj went out to rake up the leaves and the girls followed him out and begged to jump in them. He usually makes little piles all over the yard, but this time he put them in one big pile. They had so much fun!! (November 11, 2009)



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Happy 7th Birthday Kirstee!!

Kirstee turned 7 on November 5th. She is growing up so fast! She was only allowed a family party this year. Grandma Woodcox made her cute Flip Flop cake. Both Grandma and Grandpa Rushton & Grandma and Grandpa Woodcox were able to come celebrate with us.


Kirstee on her new rollerblades. She has played with the neighbors and so we decided to get her some for her Birthday.


Her addorable cake :)


Opening some presents.


Breakfast with her cousins. We let her have her cousins over for a sleepover. And this is them at breakfast. Michelle and October were able to attend. We missed Mckenzie though!
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Happy Halloween '09

We did a Wizard of Oz theme this year for Halloween. Kirstee was Dorothy, Makadee was Glinda the good witch of the North and I was the wicked witch of the west. (Although I was too lazy to paint my face.) We are very greatful to Grandma Woodcox for the awesome costumes! The kids got plenty of candy and had lots of fun.

Can you say HUGE?

It was a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. (Oct.11th) We were headed out to see CJ's parents when CJ spotted was a Tarantula!! In our driveway!!! CJ had the brilliant idea to catch the stupid thing. Then him and the girls tried to talk me into keeping it! Luckily I won out and after taking it to the school to show Kirstee's class, CJ returned it to West Mountain where they apparently live. Here are a few pictures. I can't believe how much the girls liked the stupid thing. It freaked me out!

Apparently we are too busy...

Wow it has been a long time since I blogged! A lot has happened. I am going to try and catch up.

Kirstee finally lost her first tooth!! She was sure she was never going to lose one. Everyone else in her class had lost at least one. On the morning of October 10th Kirstee discovered her tooth was loose. By about 3:00 in the afternoon she had pulled it out. That's right, she pulled it out. She wouldn't let us near it. For me it was another step towards her growing up. I was excited and sad. Time is going by too quickly.