Sunday, December 12, 2010

Isn't it great being 8!


Kirstee turned 8 on November 5th, 2010. I still can't believe she is that old. She had a friend party this year. And she chose to go see the movie "Megamind" She could take 2 friends with her and she chose to take Sydnee and Roxie. We had so much fun.

Then on November 6th, Kirstee and her cousin October were baptised. It was a very special day. We are very grateful to Grandpa Rushton for baptising her. And grateful to Grandma Woodcox for making her a beautiful dress.
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Crazy Hair day and Halloween

At Kirstee's school they had crazy hair day on drug week. They saying for the day was "Use your head and don't do drugs." So as you can see from the pictures, we did Kirstee's hair half up and half down. She has black stripes painted on the down side and polka dots on the up side.



Silvermist and Roseta...Fairies from the Tinkerbell movies. We are so thankful to Grandma Woodcox for making these for us.

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Cornbelly's...where to start?


This place was soooo much fun! Thank you Jody for getting us tickets and going with us! We spent all day at this place. There was so much to do. I only put a fraction of the pictures up because they won't all fit. We started at the giant pillows. The girls loved jumping on them. Then onto the cow train, Cornbelly mountain (slides,) hay ride, Pumpkin Princess corner, corn box, corn maze and many more fun things! The girls were so tired by the end of the day and so were Jody and I! I hope we can make this a tradition to go every year.
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September in a nutshell...

Makadee started Pre-school in september. Her babysitter and a friend are just doing a little pre-school together. But Makadee absolutely loves it!! They do such fun stuff. I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next year. Then again she does turn 5 in a week!

Jody is such an amazing person and my children love her dearly! She came and helped us decorate their bikes and then she walked in the Children's parade with them. I was not feeling well that weekend, so I was very thankful to have her help with the kids.

The girls got to ride in the big Onion Days Parade with their dance group, Lime-light dancers. They thought this was the coolest thing ever!




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3rd grade!

I can't believe my Kirstee is in 3rd grade! My how the time has flown. She is having the best year this year. Her teacher is Ms. Saxon. We couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


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Flowers, Flowers everywhere

I am so proud of myself, I have to share these with you. I am not very good at getting things to grow, especially from seed. But I did it! These flowers not only grew from seed, but they were huge and beautiful. I hope you enjoy them.


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Just realized I missed some pictures. We went to Trafalga in May. Shanon, Sydnee and Sydnee's cousins went along with us. It was quiet entertaining watching my kids try to golf. And about half way through Makadee was ready to give up. It was a surprisingly warm day and we had a lot of fun.



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In July we went bowling with our good friends the Simpson's. It is always entertaining going places with them. They have the funniest kids. Makadee and Linnea are best of friends. And in turn so are Kirstee and Roxie. The kids begged and begged us to stay for a second round. They had so much fun!



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Swimming Lessons

This year was Makadee's first year of swimming lessons. She was so excited! That girl has no fear of the water. Kirstee was finally to the level that they go into the deep end. She was very excited at first but later had a hard time. She didn't like not being able to touch the ground.


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Toy Story 3

We had the opportunity to go see Toy Story 3 with Nile and Casi. Thanks to Grandma Woodcox for sending us for Nile's Birthday. It is the first 3-D movie my girls had gone too. They thought the glasses were pretty cool at first, but quickly got tired of wearing them.



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Rusthon Reunion 2010


We had the opportunity to go up to Heber in July and spend a few days with my family. We had a blast! It was so nice to get away from everything and just spend time together. We played games, just sat and visited, the kids made a craft and enjoyed the zipline. We made smores and lots of memmories. My girls didn't want it to end! I have shared a few pictures from this fun time. We can't wait to go again :)
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June 2010

I think I have been stuck right here because the stuff that happened in June is not only sad, but I do not have the picture I want to put on here. So I am going to write this and I will add the picture later.

Both of my Grandma's passed away in June. First was Grandma Rushton. After struggling with Dementia for quiet awhile she was finally taken home to her Father in Heaven. I had the opportunity of being a pallbearer at her funeral. I was very honored that Grandpa wanted the Granddaughters to do the honors of caring her. It is an experience I will never forget. And Grandma will always be in my heart. I think of her every time I sing.

Then 13 days later my Grandma Bowen passed away. I personally don't think it is fair that Heavenly Father took both my Grandma's so close together. But I am very happy for both of them. Grandma Bowen had spent 17 years without her sweetheart and was ready to be reunited with him. After spending 14 months helping take care of her it was and still is an adjustment to not have her here. Just the other day I was thinking how sad she would be when I went to see her and she found out Makadee was sick. Then it donned on me that she wasn't here to be sad. I am so grateful she is home where she wants to be, but I miss her dearly.

And so that was our June in a nutshell.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Makadee Graduated from Taylor Elementray's Pre-school in May. She still has one more year of Pre-school, but they can only go to Taylor for one year. So they held a graduation for them. She was so excited! And I was so proud of her. She knew all the words to all the songs in the program. And did so awesome!

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Field trip time

I was lucky and had the day off when Makadee's class went on a field trip in May. We had so much fun! We went to a farm that is located in Springville. I can't remember the name of it. But the kids really enjoyed it. I think Makadee's favorite part was riding on the bus. She has asked many times since if she will ever get to ride the bus again.

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Home made ice cream!

We recieved an ice cream maker for Christmas. We were so excited! We finally got it out in April and made our first batch. The kids had so much fun turning it. And it was so delicious! We have made many more batches and there are many more to come.


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So for 2 weeks I thought my new furnace was broke because I kept hearing this horrible noise coming from it. I called the repair man twice and he could never find anything. And of course the noise was never happening when he was here. Then one morning CJ was still home when the noise happened. He came running upstairs and asked if that was the noise I had been complaining about. I told him it was. He said you are not going to believe this, but I think I know what it is. And then he ran outside. He was soon back inside and informed me that the noise was simply a woodpecker pecking at the flue pipe! I was so mad at that woodpecker! So for the next few weeks, about twice a week and at about 6:00 in the morning. This stupid woodpecker would come around and wake me up. Thankfully, knock on wood, he hasn't been around for a few months.

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(Sorry the picture isn't very good.)

Easter 2010

We had a wondeful Easter this year. We were able to have a little egg hunt with my Brother Dallin and his family at my Mom's house. The girls got spoiled by the Easter bunny as usual. And Grandma Woodcox made them beautiful dresses. And I was lucky this year and got a cute skirt.




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