Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ride for Fallen officers & Kirstee's first day of 2nd grade


CJ had the opportunity to ride his motorcycle in the Ride for Fallen Officers last Sunday. To be able to ride you have to donate $25 that goes into a charity to help the families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. The girls and I parked up in Salt lake to watch them ride by, but they changed the route last minute and we didn't get to see them come by. So instead we drove up to the State Capitol where the ride ended. It was fun to let the girls see inside the building. And we got some cool pictures of the officer bikes.

Kirstee is in 2nd grade! She just seems too grown up now. Kirstee has 2 teachers this year and she is very excited about it. Her first day of school was Wednesday and she was ready to head out the door at 7:30. I had to remind her that the doors didn't open until 8:30. I am greatful that she loves school so much!

While Kirstee went to school on Wednesday I took Makadee to Build a Bear. She had saved up half the money to go. So off we went and we had so much fun! She built a bunny who is dressed in a swimming suit and her name is Strawberry. That bunny has been well loved this week.

As far as my job, we haven't heard yet if we get to go back as tech's. If I do go back it will be in 2nd grade instead of Kindergarten. I will greatly miss Kindergarten!! But will be happy to have a job no matter what it is.
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Swimming lessons & The Gateway


August started off busy and hasn't stopped. The last week of July & first week of August was Kirstee's swimming leesons. She amazed me!! She absolutely loves to be in the water and had no fear of doing what her teachers asked her to do. So on to level 3 next year! Makadee was very mad at me though. I didn't know that they could start lessons at age 3. And so when we got there the first day and there was kids her size in the water...I didn't hear the end of it. But there's always next year I guess.

For one of our fun Friday activities we went to The Gateway. We had never been, and we had so much fun!! We went with our friends Camie, Parker, Roxie & Lanaea. We got there right at lunchtime. So we stopped at the food court to have lunch then we went to Discovery Gateway. The kids loved it!! They have so many fun things for them to do. There's the ball center, the house, the store, the building zone, the farm, dress up clothes, a lifeflight helicopter, and many more things to do. We played for awhile and then we went down and let the kids play in the water fountain. It was a very fun day!
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Where did July go?


It has been far too long since I blogged. So much has happened! The end of June begining of July we had the oppotunity to go to my brother Dallins house. We had so much fun!!! From going swimming, to library day at the park, to a trip to Shoshone falls. There was never a dull moment. My girls absolutely loved playing with Alex and getting to know Dallin and Liz better. They were sad when it came time to go home.

In the middle of July we attended my Rushton Reunion. Sadly I have no pictures because I forgot the camera (if you have pictures of me and my girls plaese share!) But we had a wonderful time. We discovered that it is possible for 2 people to sleep in the back of my car but 3 is too many. I discovered that Makadee is very friendly. She could always be found in someone's tent or off playing with a new friend. Where Kirstee could always be found with the same friends and in the same area. All in all we had a good time.

Wow, July just went way too fast!
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