Friday, July 18, 2008

Makadee is fearless!

So, we finally went to the new Payson pool! My kids were so excited. I found that Makadee is not afraid of the water like Kirstee is. She was the first to go down the water slide, she was the first to put her head under and so on. At one point she decided to climb up the water slide. Right as she was going up, the big bucket dumped! She got a face full of water and took a little too much down. Made me very nervous! It took her a minute to breathe again, but she was right back at the top coming down again. Then a little while later, I turned my back for 2 seconds, and she ran over to the 3 ft deep area and jumped in!! I turned around just in time to see her jump. I got to her just as the life guard pulled her out. It was so scary!!!!! So needles to say, Makadee is not afraid of the water!

Kirstee surprised me this year by all that she would do at the pool. It only took Makadee going down the slide 2 times before Kirstee decided she could do it. And from them on she wasn't afraid of anything. She was even jumping into the 3 ft deep part (hence why Makadee decided she needed to,) and would run over when she heard the bell for the bucket and stand under it. Kirstee does not like the water in her face, so this was a big feat for her. I was ready to go home after 1 hour, because the air was cold and the kids were shivering, but I couldn't get Kirstee to leave.

All in all, we had a lot of fun. I can't wait to take them again, but I am going to find some kind of floating device for Makadee!


michele said...

whoa, I didn't know Payson had a new pool! I have so many good memories of the old pool by Grandma and Grandpa's house. Those were good times! Especially because Evanston never had an out door pool.

Royell Phong said...

I have to say that would have been a very scary moment for me! I know it's amazing how kids think that they can just go and jump right in and swim. Gideon thinks he's a great swimmer now, but he says this with his arm floats on and holding on to the swim noodle. So no he is not a great swimmer yet. I hope your next trip to the pool is a less stressful one!

Jack said...

Sounds like fun. We'll have to come down and try out the new pool sometime. Did they build it in the same place as the old one?

Sam said...

that's a good story. i want to go to the new payson pool.

The Perry's said...

I was looking at Amanda's blog and saw all of the blogs she looks at and one of them was your's. Cute!! I was trying to put it on my blog so when you clicked on it, it would go to your blog but it wont let me. Let me know what your blog tittle is and then maybe I could try again.